New SciFinder updates include non-Java structure editor

js_structure_editorSciFinder, a chemical and other sciences research database, now features a new version of the CAS Structure Editor that does not require the use of a Java plugin. The Java version of the editor is still available for your users, who can now easily select their preferred editor.

The new editor queries the same content
researchers have always accessed. There is some missing functionality in the new editor. SciFinder chose to release the limited version due to the pressing need of some users who were experiencing Java-related issues. For more information on the plugin-free, Non-Java CAS Structure Editor, visit

Additionally, the latest SciFinder release features the following updates:

  • Analyze reaction answer sets by reagent to more quickly identify your synthesis of interest.
  • View substance and supplier information simultaneously now that our popular Quick View feature is available from Commercial Sources answer sets. In addition, many top catalog entries now feature direct links to supplier emails from right within SciFinder.
  • Update account information more easily with a new account management link to myCAS® available in Preferences.
  • SciPlannerTM how-to guides are now more easily accessible to help you make use of the full power of the features and functionality available within SciPlanner.

For SciFinder questions, including how to conduct specific searches, please contact the CAS Customer Center at or 800-753-4227.