“UT Southwestern Timeline in Photos” now online

The chronological photo timeline of UT Southwestern history displayed on a 14th floor wall of the Pickens Biomedical Building (ND) now has a digital version compiled by the Library. Titled

UT Southwestern Timeline in Photos,” the digital version contains not only the 176 photos found on ND 14, but also has also 15 new photos.

Mirroring the display format on the ND 14 wall, the digital timeline is divided into panels, each covering a span of years and each accompanied by an essay describing the key events of the period at UT Southwestern. New to the digital version is the “2008 and Beyond” panel, which includes photos and text supplementing the original ND 14 timeline, which was completed around 2006.

Each digital photo is first presented in thumbnail size on its panel. When a photo is moused over, the title appears. Click on the photo to see an expanded version, along with the title and date. In most cases, you will also see a link to an explanatory caption found in “UT Southwestern Images, 1943-Present,” the Library’s online collection of over 600 photos portraying the history of the campus.