December Library Toy Drive to benefit Dallas County children

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand needs gifts for their annual Children’s Christmas Celebration for the children of Dallas County, and the UT Southwestern Library is providing a drop-off location for gifts at all Library locations from December 1-16, 2016.

If you would like to participate, please bring a new, unwrapped toy to the South Campus Library (E2.200), North Campus Library (ND2.300), or the Bass Building (BL5.500) by December 16. Alternatively, you may purchase toys from their Target online registry; items purchased online will ship directly to them.

All toys should be less than $12.00. Suggested items are listed below:

  • Coloring Books & Crayon Sets (ages 3-5)
  • Matchbox & Hot Wheels (ages 3-5)
  • 4-piece PlayDoh sets (ages 3-5)
  • Board Games (ages 6-8)
  • Lego Sets (ages 6-8)
  • 6″ puzzles (ages 6-8)
  • Jenga Game (ages 9-11)
  • Nerf Footballs (ages 12-14)

If you need more information, please call 214-648-2001.

EndNote X8 is here! Upgrade now available for download for Mac and PC

cw1x7zrveaauraqThe new EndNote X8 software is now available for install from the UT Southwestern Information Resources EndNote software support page. This upgrade has been anticipated for many Mac users with Sierra who have experienced downloading issues of X7.

An EndNote comparison chart of X8, X7, and X6 versions provides a comprehensive list of existing features along with new X8 additions that include:

  • Sharing functions including a large increase in shared libraries
  • Activity Feed with Shared Library member activity 
  • Learn when new members join the Shared Library
  • Automation and full text management including Recently Added Group
  • Automatically find and apply bulk reference updates
  • Unified iconography across both Mac and Windows.

More information, resources, and news about EndNote can be found at the Library and Learning Center’s EndNote Portal. If you have a specific EndNote question, contact our EndNote experts by email or Ask Us form on the Library & Learning Center’s website. To schedule an individual or group training session, use the Request Training page.

Important reminder for UT Southwestern Residents & Fellows: change your UTSW password or perish

Secure-Your-Email-Account-from-Hackers-Snap5UT Southwestern passwords automatically expire once a year (usually around the anniversary of your start date), and reminders about the password expiration are sent to your UT Southwestern email address to prompt you to change it. However, some UT Southwestern affiliates (e.g., residents/clinical trainees who are located at Children’s Health or Parkland Health and Hospital System) do not actively use their UT Southwestern-issued email account and might not receive these notifications.

If a UT Southwestern email password is not changed annually, the account will automatically be flagged as “inactive”, and UT Southwestern Information Resources (IR) will cancel the account for security reasons, which also means access to your Library’s resources will be suspended. The process of restoring access to a cancelled account is lengthy and requires the intervention of your department staff. Access to Library resources will be available only after the request to reactivate the account has been made by your department and processed by Information Resources.

But, if you reset your password now, this hassle can be avoided! Detailed steps are provided below.


  • Using a UTSW workstation or VPN (i.e., Junos Pulse), go to the UTSW Self-Service Password Registration page.
  • Type in your UT Southwestern username and password. Then, input and confirm your new password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, leave it blank.
    • If you had previously set up recovery questions, you will be asked those questions in order to reset your password.
    • If you had never set up recovery questions, you will need to call the IR Help Desk at 214-648-7600 to reset your password.


To get started, please read the following statements:

  • I never use my UTSW email address account.
  • I haven’t changed my UTSW password since it was issued to me at orientation.

If either or both statements are “TRUE”, then your account has most likely been deactivated. Contact your UT Southwestern departmental administrator and ask them to initiate a new IAR form for your cancelled account. You will need to wait for IR approval before your account will be reactivated.

If either or both statements are “FALSE” and you have recently reset your password, or you continue to have problems, please email

UTSW Affiliates Library Resources access at Children's Health migrating to EZProxy Login only

EZproxyUT Southwestern affiliates working in Children’s Health will now be prompted with an EZProxy login in order to access all paid Library resources, which includes Ejournals A to Z, full text article linking, and clinical resources (e.g., UpToDate, ClinicalKey).

This change is being implemented to resolve compounding UT Southwestern Information Resources security and networking system access incompatibilities. Our resource vendors also require more clear authentication paths to ensure that only authorized UT Southwestern affiliates obtain access to licensed content. EZProxy authentication will streamline the process and provide clear access entry.

We apologize for the access troubles encountered over the last weeks and anticipate this fix will correct any problems that have not been resolved by previous measures.

If you are a UT Southwestern affiliate who still experiences access issues at Children’s Health, please report your issue to Please include information about where you were attempting entry, what browser you are using, and your location.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: South Campus Library computers and printers unavailable March 26-27

ElectricityMarThe South Campus (main) Library computers and printers will be unavailable this weekend (March 26-27, 2016) to perform electrical work/maintenance in the E2 construction areas. Wireless availability remains uncertain, but air conditioning and lighting will not be affected.

For any Library or Student computer/printing needs, please use the North Campus Branch Library (ND2.300) location.

Library secures NNLM Emerging Technology award for 3D printer and supplies

Medical Students at 3D printing orientation

Medical Students Thomas Das, Timothy Sotman, May Liu, and Paul Rizk plan to use the 3D printer for an upcoming Biomedical Innovation course.

The Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center was the proud recipient of a National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Chapter 2015 Emerging Technology Award. The purpose of the award is to encourage 3D printing literacy to our campus community through access to a 3D printer and electronic resources, including the NIH 3D Print Exchange. This NIH website provides 3D printed models, tutorials and a learning community discussion board for troubleshooting.

Jane Scott, Co-Manager of the Library’s Digital Services and Technology Planning unit, is spearheading the effort. Assistant VP of Library Services Kelly Gonzalez and Scott co-wrote the winning award. Scott has collaborated with several people across disciplines with specific project needs.

“We are getting a variety of different requests,” Scott says. “I printed a MacBook adaptor cord holder for Information Resources. I am currently assisting a PostDoc with printing a specific labware modification for a beaker found on the NIH site and an additional custom-made item created using TinkerCad, a free online 3D modeling program I introduced him to.”

Creating a model and using the 3D printer can have its challenges. “There is a lot of architecture and engineering concepts to consider when creating a successful 3D print model,” cautions Scott. “Troubleshooting how to best print and with what materials is always key. There are specific heat and fan settings based on the types of filaments used and the extruder can sometimes be temperamental. My goal is to provide information and strategize to minimize these 3D printing challenges.”

3D printing projects are currently being accepted on a case-by-case basis. Plans to move the printer to the 24/7 accessible Digital Media Production Studio in the South Campus Library are in the works along with policies and protocols for usage.

Contact Jane Scott for 3D print inquiries or to schedule an orientation.

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, under Contract No. HHSN-276-2011-00007-C with the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library.



DeShay receives National Library of Medicine award for her library outreach service

DeShayEducation Program Coordinator Claudia DeShay, Ph.D will be honored on September 16, 2015 at the annual The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Awards Gala Dinner in Washington, DC as this year’s recipient of the Michael E. De Bakey Library Services Outreach Award for Outstanding Service to Rural or Underserved Communities. The award was established in the early 1990s to recognize the contributions to medical education and librarianship by Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. and to honor a practicing health sciences librarian who serves in such a community.

NLM has been a center of information innovation since its founding in 1836. The world’s largest biomedical library, NLM maintains and makes available a vast print collection and produces electronic information resources on a wide range of topics that are searched billions of times each year by millions of people around the globe. It also supports and conducts research, development, and training in biomedical informatics and health information technology. In addition, the Library coordinates a 6,000-member National Network of Libraries of Medicine that promotes and provides access to health information in communities across the United States.

Tips for preparing your next academic poster

NOTE: As of July 20, 2017, this article has been modified from the original content due to new logo regulations impacting which vendors are currently licensed to print posters with an official UT Southwestern logo on them. Please consult UT Southwestern Purchasing for a list of current approved vendors.

posterAcademic posters are an important component to communicating and sharing your research with others. Jane Scott, Design and Promotion Specialist at the Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center, has been providing free design consultations and training for the last five years. Here are her five tips:

  1. Plan for the future. Look at all of the possible conferences/meetings/symposiums you will be attending and determine your poster size based on the conference with the most stringent requirements. It will save you a lot of time and money.
  2. Break it up. Break your poster components into text, tables, and high-resolution images first before you lay it out. It is harder to adjust and edit in a larger poster file. It also allows you to use your tables and content in other publishing areas in their original vector format. Once your content is solid, open a new document and immediately change the page layout to your poster size (i.e. 36” x 48”). Then, copy and paste the text and tables in.
  3. No website logos or super dark color schemes. UT Southwestern Office of Communications provides campus logos large enough for your academic poster printing needs. Go to the Brand Standards section on the internal website (on-campus access only). EPS files may look blurry in PowerPoint, but they print beautifully. Smaller PNG files are best for online presentations. Secondly, colors tend to print darker than they look on screen. It is very tempting to want to use deep purples and blue gradients. Unfortunately, most show up as black. A forest green on poster paper is more of a heather green on screen. Getting a proof for $10 can be very helpful in avoiding costly typo mistakes and making sure the colors you want are the colors you are actually getting.
  4. Ask for help! You are probably not a graphic designer. So, get assistance from a designer to make sure that your academic poster is as professional and polished as your research. Schedule a free training session before you start or as a final proof before you send it off to the printer. We’re here to help you succeed.
  5. Print it! There are a few options we recommend for getting you poster printed depending on your timeline, needs. Certain departments provide printing services for their departments. Two campus recommendations are:
        • Four Seasons Decorations – Closest off-campus logo approved vendor to campus. E-mail your poster and all requests for information to or call 214-742-6635.
        • UTSW Print Shop – On-campus print services prints posters. Email or call 214-648-6193 for scheduling information.
        • UTSW Simmons Cancer Center prints posters on paper and canvas, and campus IDR billing is available. Contact Kathy Holloway for scheduling, availability, and pricing.

New Library iHUB Kiosks provide directions and live chat

IMG_7223The Library and Learning Center’s new iHUB mobile kiosks provide helpful information and access to the iHUB Live Chat service, your direct online connection to our Library Staff during regular business hours. The directional information is customized to the two Library locations, and the kiosks are identified by the blue iHub pillar wall signage.

Popular topics found on the kiosk are:

  • Directions to classrooms, service areas, and restrooms
  • Printing and copying instructions
  • Accessing Library resources
  • After hours assistance options

Construction is completed in South Campus Library areas

E3entranceThe construction of the new Team-Based Learning Center is now finished in anticipation of the Pre-Clinical Phase of the incoming Medical School class. The South Campus Library Administrative Suite (E3.314), which houses part of the Services & Partnerships and Digital Collections units as well as the Library Administrative Conference Room, has now resumed its front door access.

The Administrative Suite is now accessible by:

  • Library elevator
  • Library stairwell
  • New hallway near the E3 Pediatrics Office